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What you get with Windows 10

Either you may have recently updated or are not sure whether you want to update to Windows 10. INSIDE has gathered up what you’ll get windows 10 home key 2016  by upgrading.

There is much new with Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows operating system. Windows 10 to collect all the previous versions the operating system Microsoft has created, to be one in unison system that works on everything from computers to mobile phones. It also means that it comes a little bit free into the picture. Applications that previously only run on mobile phones, is now also free for computers and Web boards.

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Cheap Office package
When you start the Windows computer with once, is Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Mobile in on your computer. Click on them, you to the Microsoft Store and allows you to download an easy windows 10 home key 2016  stripped windows 10 professional product key version of the Office package.

The first thought is that you could have saved the 700 crowns you used on Office Student. The answer is Yes, if you are not planning to do anything but read. Then you get an easy stripped version, custom pressure sensitive screen. Here you can log in with your Office 360-license and get to use the full version or use the software you received when you purchased the package.

In the Microsoft Store, you also have the option to download the OneNote, Outlook and calendar application as previously only came with “Home Office” package. These are all free. E-mail and calendar software is standard in from before of in Windows 10. Microsoft also tries to get you to download Skype and use the money on the popular PC game Minecraft, windows 10 product key cheap by adding it into the start menu without purchasing it.

Continue the work on mobile and Web Board
As in Apple’s iCloud lets Microsoft you now continue the work from PC to mobile phone through OneDrive. Download Office suite, OneNote and other programs that support Continuum, and everything you create on your computer to, you can continue OneDrive on with buy cheap windows 10 product key on another Windowsenhet, or through the iPhone and Android applications. In this way, you can now write bachelor thesis or PowerPoint presentation on the school and keep working on your mobile on the light rail back to the lodgings.

Multiple desktops
It’s not just that Microsoft has added Continuum as the inspiration from Apple. There is also the possibility of multiple desktops. This has been a standard feature in multiple Linux-based operating systems, including Apple’s own OSX. Keep your Windows and tab keys down at the same time, open an overview of Windows and desktop that memories really about “Mission Control” on Apple’s computers. This is a very welcome feature that enough more are pleased that finally comes to Windows.

Back to the start menu
When Microsoft updated to Windows 8, was very much annoyed that the familiar start menu was gone and replaced with Microsoft’s Metro user interface. Metro was Microsoft’s way to customize Windows for touch-sensitive screens. Something that made more of the PC makers made computers with touch-sensitive screens. Even if Microsoft were able to get a new generation of hybrid PC’s which was a cross between a computer and a network Board, made the Metro interface that more customers are not upgraded to the latest system.


With Windows start menu is 10 back. Metro-interface is still there, but as part of the start menu. The familiar start menu from Windows 7 is mixed with Windows 8 its interface, and it has come an incredibly delicious and easy to use start menu. Do you miss the Windows 8 its interface, you can turn the computer into Web Board mode, and you get the same familiar look and feel. windows 10 professional keys

Action Center
When you join a system designed for computers and mobiles, new features to the mobiles that before was on computers and vice versa. Action Center is like straight out of a mobile phone. Here you get notices from all the various programs, with the ability to be sent on to the infringement notice advises, and you have access to a group of new shortcut settings. The shortcut settings let you easily change between your tray mode and PC mode, connect to network devices, write notes, switch and wireless features such as wifi, bluetooth and gps, as well as control the brightness and activate flight mode and silent mode. The shortcut settings are very useful and a nice and easy to use way to do quick little changes on the device.

Worth upgrading?
It’s all ultimately whether it is worthwhile to upgrade the computer to Windows 10. Overall, it’s a good upgrade. Microsoft has been slightly criticised in the user agreement where you allow them to take out a large amount of information about you in order to “improve Microsoft Windows 10”. Privacy is very important to you, you should probably not upgrade. Would you like a new and improved computer with easy to use solutions, is an upgrade worth it.

It is only important to make sure that you take the backup of all important documents before you upgrade. One of the computers we upgraded, had problems and had to be reset once after the installation was complete. Fortunately, this went well and we lost no files. But it is a good idea to make sure that you have everything important before you do such a great upgrade on their computer. You are unsure, you can try Windows 10 and revert to Windows 7 or 8.1 if you don’t like it within 30 days.

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Instructions for telephone activation Windows 8.1 Retail keys

Procedure a windows 8.1 clean installation and activation.

1. Install WINDOWS.8.1.RTM. X 86/X 64. Russian.DVD in net for the Professional Edition containing the installation key:
Install the driver first, because the installation of some Intel Rapid Storage driver for example,
can lead to activation meeting.
2. install the key.

At the command buy windows 8.1 activation key prompt with administrator permissions starts one of the Retail keys
slmgr-ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX where x …. key
3. Check the key, the Internet should be included:
Settings — change the settings on your computer — Windows Activation-If clicking error details Metro UI says:

“that the specified product key has been blocked” means:

the key is locked

Replace key through the slmgr-ipk

Change PC settings-Windows Activation-If clicking error details Metro UI says:

“that product key unlocks limit exceeded”

-key worker and suitable for phone activation.


Press «Call» service and support and activate by phone.

Or without validation key at the command prompt with admin rights gain slui 4
4. Activate by phone.
By the way, in Russia room to activate windows 8.1 profesisonal product key all Microsoft products has changed to 8 800 700 8002-it’s free for calls, as with mobile and fixed-line phones.


(the same applies old number 8 800 200 8002 activation, it is free).
(to select the responses, if calling from a landline phone, switch your phone to the tone mode.)


The answer to the first question of the robot by pressing the corresponding button:
— the private user, press 1
— the proposal to introduce a robot for your windows 8.1 activation code groups;

Then the robot again prompts you to answer another the question:

is installed on one computer, press 1
Write in the answer dictated by robot group of digits (first paper) then enter them into the computer.

Attention! If for some reason you are switching to a live operator, is in discussions to join and not hang up, otherwise there is a danger of Bana key. Then you where something is not correctly, or your key is already locked (banned). Understand and retry again. Will ask on the Forum is here to help.

If you perform a clean installation/reinstallation 8.1 on a system where stood 8 Retail activated key on the phone, then entering your old Retail key, see section 3, when connected online, there will be an automatic reactivation.

Before activating by phone and check their Retail keys Windows 8 Professional to has not been excruciatingly painful cheap windows 8.1 product key for the time spent in an empty time communication with the robot.

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Windows Service Pack 8.1 Update 1 available for download

The package of improvements for Windows 5.0 Update 1 is now available for all users of the latest version of the OS from Microsoft. From April 8, 2014 year you can download separate packages, they also eventually will be available as updates SQ. via Windows Update
Update Service Pack 1 will play the same role as packs Service Pack 1 (SP1), known for past versions of the Windows operating system. When this update will include a number of improvements and changes in the interface, navigation and user preferences.

It is expected that the changes will make it easier to work with Windows 8.1 for those users who use the standard mouse and keyboard, but also prefer traditional desktop environment. Several improvements will affect more comfortable operation of the metro-based and Windows-based applications.

Improvements and changes to Windows 8.1  Update 
Among main improvements stand out:

Power off button that appears on the start screen, in contrast to hidden settings at this time.
The shortcut menu to display tiles and Windows application icons 8.1 on the taskbar.

Windows store icon will now be present on the Windows 8.1 Professional - 32/64 Bit Product Key taskbar by default.

Reworked the design of the application  itself “shop”. At the top of the window will display the menu strip more convenient for use with mouse-you will see the familiar close and minimize buttons.

After you install a new application, you will notice Windows 8.1 Professional - 32/64 Bit Product Key a message in the lower-left corner of the start screen, which will show that you recently installed.

The update will also include a new version of the Internet Explorer Web browser 11.0.7. Assess the speed of graphics effects in new browser can be on a specially crafted Microsoft site

Installing Windows 8.1 Update 1
Also read: Windows 8.1 Update needs to be installed before 13 may

The package of improvements for Windows 5.0 Update 1 is available for all users of the latest version of the OS from Microsoft April 8, 2014 years. This update is gradually passed on all computers running Windows 8.1 or 8.1 Windows RT within a few weeks. If you have enabled buy Windows 8.1 Product Key automatic updates in Windows Update, but the update is still not available, please check again in a few days.

If you don’t want to wait for the Windows Update Service Pack 1 you can already 8.1 is installed manually using the following instructions:

-Go to the download page for the Windows Update Service Pack 8.1 1 depending on the bitness of the system.

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Both Windows 10 activate “God mode”


Oh you put ten itself? I put. There were several reasons: curious and already needed to freshen up a Windu comp killing some shoals. Won’t get into arguments about who is out there who is spying and how much it will cost in the future, but purely as a user I liked. Let me put it this way: the result of migration from 8.1 to 10 I liked more than the result of migration from 7 to 8.1
“Stumbling block” button “start” on the spot. She has got an interesting functionality. All sorts of multimedia pieces type views of photos, videos, communication with the phone and all was beautiful and interesting. In General until I take with pleasure. The only thing is that the automatic transition was crooked, comp stupidly stopped booting. Had to do a normal installation of hands.

But I do not quite like to tell about it. While digging around with the wind on the Internet stumbled upon the so-called “God mode”. At first I thought something funny or a joke (as it had not met with the same, although it is in previous versions of Windows), tried — everything works:-)
That’s what it is.

So, to activate the legendary mode in Windows, 10 user, first and foremost, should check whether the user account administrator privileges. You must then make click on the desktop right-click and create a new folder.

How to name the folder? Pattern GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, and instead of GodMode, you can specify a different name, but point the braces and expression in them should not change. If the name is entered correctly, the folder icon would take characteristic look, but inside it will display all available user settings, including those in the menu “Control Panel” or “options” are not included.

Windows 10

Windows 10 install on a Windows 8 tablet with too little storage space

A few more weeks and then brings Microsoft Windows 10 officially on the market. Almost all tablets, laptops and desktops with Windows 8 free software can be provided with Windows 10, but how does this work when you have a tablet or laptop with very limited storage memory?

There are the recent years many tablets those appeared with 16 GB or 32 GB of storage. This is of course very minimal but reasonable to use if you are satisfied with the default apps and maybe a small number of apps in the Windows Store. But, upgrade to Windows 10 is going to be a lot more difficult when there is not enough storage space available on your tablet.

Windows enthusiast Paul Thurrott saw this problem coming and also has taken the test with the latest preview version of Windows 10. In this version, it is possible via an external storage medium 10 on your tablet or laptop Windows install. How it works is pretty simple.

Windows 10 has multiple gigabytes of free space required during installation and multiple gigabytes of free space to the URWindows.old folder. This folder allows you to put everything back to Windows 8.1. First of all, it is important that you have a recovery disk/partition (recovery drive) on an external usb stick or on and microSD card which is more than enough space. We recommend the use of a microSD card to, especially on tablets with 16 GB or 32 GB of storage, so you always have on hand the files and get more free space for apps and data.

See also works on Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 S convertible
When there is not enough storage space available on your tablet or laptop Windows will automatically notify alert you when an external storage medium should be used; The sd card or the usb stick. Link it, select the right medium and let Windows do the work for the upgrade. A few simple steps will make sure you get started with Windows 10.

windows 10

Windows 10 Update is required

Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will receive in a few months the free update for Windows 10. Microsoft now says it is windows 10 home serial key necessary for the free migration.

Windows free 10

Microsoft wants to attract Windows users 7, 8 and 8.1, offering a free upgrade. To obtain it, you must have a valid license key. However, if you use Windows XP or Vista, you should pay for the update of Windows 10.
Deadline for this transition

The free update for Windows 10 shall be valid for one year from its official date of release, 29 July 2015. After this period, you’ll pay between 80 and 200 €.
Validity of the update

If you upgrade your Windows before 29 July 2016, you can use the new windows 10 redstone operating system windows 10 key store version definitely.

Valid license key

If you have a valid license key for Windows 7 or 8, you can decide windows 10 redstone concept if you prefer the older version or the Windows version 10.
The installation of the Flash drive and the ISO file

The upgrade can also be done via an ISO file or Windows Update. If you have little space on your Windows tablet, you can store a bootable Flash drive and install it from the same tablet.

Windows 10 Update windows 7 windows 10

Windows 10 - First major update

Last week, the first major update of Windows 10 was published for the general public. This new Build is also recommended by Microsoft for deployment in Enterprise considering the mature for this new system.

But that brings it?

One of the major improvements is not necessarily the most visible. It is the windows 10 activation incorporation of thousands of new pilots coming from Microsoft partners in the bone allowing greater compatibility with the hardware.
Others however are more visible:
Performance: 30% faster at startup Windows 7
Cortana is now able to recognize a scribbled phone number, or even a postal address, an Email. It can also manage your reservations of cinema, reminders in your calendars, book your reservations über, etc…
Microsoft Edge now allows you to preview your pages simply by flying over the tab. It also synchronizes your bookmarks between your windows 10 activation different devices.
The migration will be easier thanks to the taking into account of your product key Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Here is an official link for more information: here
For enterprises, there are also many new features. It may include among others a version of Windows Update to select these updates and the date of installation, a company store Windows to simply distribute applications for windows 10, a connection facilitated Azure Active Directory, BYOD management for mobility scenarios, and a multitude of security-oriented improvements.

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