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Windows 10 Update is required

Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 will receive in a few months the free update for Windows 10. Microsoft now says it is windows 10 home serial key necessary for the free migration.

Windows free 10

Microsoft wants to attract Windows users 7, 8 and 8.1, offering a free upgrade. To obtain it, you must have a valid license key. However, if you use Windows XP or Vista, you should pay for the update of Windows 10.
Deadline for this transition

The free update for Windows 10 shall be valid for one year from its official date of release, 29 July 2015. After this period, you’ll pay between 80 and 200 €.
Validity of the update

If you upgrade your Windows before 29 July 2016, you can use the new windows 10 redstone operating system windows 10 key store version definitely.

Valid license key

If you have a valid license key for Windows 7 or 8, you can decide windows 10 redstone concept if you prefer the older version or the Windows version 10.
The installation of the Flash drive and the ISO file

The upgrade can also be done via an ISO file or Windows Update. If you have little space on your Windows tablet, you can store a bootable Flash drive and install it from the same tablet.

Windows 10 Update windows 7 windows 10

Windows 10 - First major update

Last week, the first major update of Windows 10 was published for the general public. This new Build is also recommended by Microsoft for deployment in Enterprise considering the mature for this new system.

But that brings it?

One of the major improvements is not necessarily the most visible. It is the windows 10 activation incorporation of thousands of new pilots coming from Microsoft partners in the bone allowing greater compatibility with the hardware.
Others however are more visible:
Performance: 30% faster at startup Windows 7
Cortana is now able to recognize a scribbled phone number, or even a postal address, an Email. It can also manage your reservations of cinema, reminders in your calendars, book your reservations über, etc…
Microsoft Edge now allows you to preview your pages simply by flying over the tab. It also synchronizes your bookmarks between your windows 10 activation different devices.
The migration will be easier thanks to the taking into account of your product key Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Here is an official link for more information: here
For enterprises, there are also many new features. It may include among others a version of Windows Update to select these updates and the date of installation, a company store Windows to simply distribute applications for windows 10, a connection facilitated Azure Active Directory, BYOD management for mobility scenarios, and a multitude of security-oriented improvements.

windows 10 update windows 10 upgrade windows 10 product key