Instructions for telephone activation Windows 8.1 Retail keys

Procedure a windows 8.1 clean installation and activation.

1. Install WINDOWS.8.1.RTM. X 86/X 64. Russian.DVD in net for the Professional Edition containing the installation key:
Install the driver first, because the installation of some Intel Rapid Storage driver for example,
can lead to activation meeting.
2. install the key.

At the command buy windows 8.1 activation key prompt with administrator permissions starts one of the Retail keys
slmgr-ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX where x …. key
3. Check the key, the Internet should be included:
Settings — change the settings on your computer — Windows Activation-If clicking error details Metro UI says:

“that the specified product key has been blocked” means:

the key is locked

Replace key through the slmgr-ipk

Change PC settings-Windows Activation-If clicking error details Metro UI says:

“that product key unlocks limit exceeded”

-key worker and suitable for phone activation.


Press «Call» service and support and activate by phone.

Or without validation key at the command prompt with admin rights gain slui 4
4. Activate by phone.
By the way, in Russia room to activate windows 8.1 profesisonal product key all Microsoft products has changed to 8 800 700 8002-it’s free for calls, as with mobile and fixed-line phones.

(the same applies old number 8 800 200 8002 activation, it is free).
(to select the responses, if calling from a landline phone, switch your phone to the tone mode.)

The answer to the first question of the robot by pressing the corresponding button:
— the private user, press 1
— the proposal to introduce a robot for your windows 8.1 activation code groups;

Then the robot again prompts you to answer another the question:

is installed on one computer, press 1
Write in the answer dictated by robot group of digits (first paper) then enter them into the computer.

Attention! If for some reason you are switching to a live operator, is in discussions to join and not hang up, otherwise there is a danger of Bana key. Then you where something is not correctly, or your key is already locked (banned). Understand and retry again. Will ask on the Forum is here to help.

If you perform a clean installation/reinstallation 8.1 on a system where stood 8 Retail activated key on the phone, then entering your old Retail key, see section 3, when connected online, there will be an automatic reactivation.

Before activating by phone and check their Retail keys Windows 8 Professional to has not been excruciatingly painful cheap windows 8.1 product key for the time spent in an empty time communication with the robot.

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